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Excuse My Accent is a social purpose startup committed to inspiring representation through fearless storytelling and advocacy. By creating immersive experiences utilizing media and entertainment, we shape discourse, provoke thought, and ignite understanding that resonates across intercultural communities. 



"Bring Them Home" is now available for screenings in diverse settings, from educational institutions and non-profit organizations to corporate events and community forums. This concise documentary film examines the intersection of military service and immigration, offering a poignant discussion starter for coursework, panel discussions, or community engagement. Contact us today. 


Total running time is 30 minutes.

2022 CFF Documentary winner White Print Laurels.png
Bring Them Home. An award-winning film about deported veterans following the story of Hector Barajas. Produced by Rob Young Walker


Founder Rob Young and repatriated veteran Jose Tinajero joins Chris Anderson for PBS's North West Now.

"Bring Them Home" Screens at the United States Capitol Building

Presented by ACLU & League of United Latin American Citizens in support of  

The Veteran Service Recognition Act

Washington DC, Capitol Hill


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We’re thrilled to extend an invitation to you for an upcoming virtual film screening event on Saturday, January 20th beginning at 9 AM PST, followed by a live panel Q&A, hosted by the Veterans Club and in partnership with our allies Repatriate Our Patriots and Parade Deck. This is your chance to be part of an ongoing dialogue and watch our film screening to continue to spotlight the stories of US deported veterans.


Join us for this free event, but please know that your contributions help keep the heartbeat of our cause strong!


Secure your seat in this important conversation:

Join the movement by showing our exclusive "Thou Shall Not Deport Veterans" Merchandise.

Sure to be a conversational starter. 


A message from Excuse My Accent. 

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