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"Bring Them Home" Screening and Panel Discussion at the United States Capitol Building

Presented by ACLU & LULAC in support of The Veteran Service Recognition Act

Washington DC, Capitol Hill


"Bring Them Home" Screening with United States Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas 

Presented by the Department of Homeland Security

Deported Veterans Art exhibit at LA Civil Rights Museum


“Best of the Fest” Award - Catalina International Film Festival. 

“Veteran’s Voices Award” - Portland Film Festival

 "Best Of The Fest Award" - San Luis Obispo International Film Festival 

"The first known unanimous decision" of the “Best of the Fest” award


"The best film I have seen about deported veterans."

- Jennie Pasquarella, Immigrant Rights Director of the ACLU SoCal

"Bring Them Home helps us shed light on the ugly, the good and the hope in a creative way. The ugly; when America sees us as damaged goods and no longer cares that we got damaged protecting her. The good;  what veterans and community can do for eachother when we recognize that we must walk through the darkness with each other to reach that light at the end of the tunnel. The hope; what keeps us alive in our darkest hour. What let’s us know that we are not forgotten." - Danitza James, Executive Director of Repatriate Our Patriots

"In the 15 years since the discovery of the Deported Veteran in Tijuana MX, several filmmakers have documented this issue. Bring Them Home is the most comprehensive, informative and accurate film to truly articulate the journey and travels of United States military veterans living in forced exile, and the quests to return home." - James L. Smith II, Exec. Dir, Black Deported Veterans of America 

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