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The main way a deported veteran can come back to the US is in a body bag. We want them alive.

After producing the music video for their song "Excuse My Accent," artists Rob Young Walker and Andrei "Drei Ros" Rosca met Hector Barajas; a deported American military veteran. Upon hearing his story, they embark on a journey to shed light on the issue.


"Bring Them Home" is a powerful award-winning documentary exploring the harrowing issue of deported veterans—a group who has honorably served yet finds themselves exiled by the very nation they defended. This gripping film reveals the harsh realities of non-citizen soldiers who confront the threat of deportation due to shifting immigration laws, intertwining personal sacrifice with national identity.

Through intimate portraits, "Bring Them Home" spotlights the emotional and psychological battles these veterans face post-service—mental health struggles and moral injury—while they wage a larger fight for justice and re-entry into the U.S. It's a stark examination of policy versus human cost, of citizenship entangled with service.  

Helmed by Tamara Jay and Rike Boomgaarden, Executive produced by Andrei Drei "Drei" Rosca, and Elaine Carmody and produced by Rob Young Walker, with Excuse My Accent and Dream Roots Creative, the documentary is a critical look at patriotism's fine print, questioning who gets to call America home.


Award-winning film Bring them Home about deported veterans. Produced by Rob Young Walker


"Bring Them Home" is now available for screenings in diverse settings, from educational institutions and non-profit organizations to corporate events and community forums. This concise documentary film examines the intersection of military service and immigration, offering a poignant discussion starter for coursework, panel discussions, or community engagement. Contact us today. 


Total running time is 30 minutes.


"In the 15 years since the discovery of the Deported Veteran in Tijuana MX, several filmmakers have documented this issue. Bring Them Home is the most comprehensive, informative and accurate film to truly articulate the journey and travails of United States military veterans living in forces exile, and the quests to return home."

James L. Smith II,

Exec. Director 

Black Deported Veterans of America 

James Smith founder of Black Deported Veterans of America


Deported veterans face a severe and often overlooked problem: after serving the United States, they are at risk of deportation due to failures in the naturalization process during their service time or due to minor criminal offenses post-service. Historically, noncitizens have served valiantly in the U.S. armed forces, with a strong record of dedication and lower dropout rates. Despite this, many noncitizen veterans have been misinformed about their citizenship status or have had their naturalization applications lost or mishandled. The irony is stark; veterans who risk their lives for the nation are not guaranteed the citizenship they were promised, and instead of being treated with the respect due to their service, they face the possibility of deportation.


The consequences of this deportation are dire. Not only are these individuals separated from their families and the country they served, but they are also often sent to countries where they have no ties, face language barriers, and lack access to the Veterans Affairs (VA) medical care they are entitled to. The trauma of deportation is compounded by the fact that these veterans, many of whom suffer from service-related conditions such as PTSD, are left without the necessary support systems. Currently the number of deported veterans are unknown due to ICE refusing to adhere to their own policy of taking veteran service into consideration during deportation proceedings. According to PBS, it has been estimated that upwards to 94,000 veterans have been deported. Previous legislative changes have stripped judges of the discretion to consider a veteran's service when facing deportation, resulting in a harsh reality where those who served honorably are turned away from the very nation they defended.

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