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BRING THEM HOME Trailer - A Documentary On The Deportation Of American Veterans.

Partnering with Hector Barajas & Deported Veterans Support House, The Excuse My Accent team presents the trailer for its first documentary "Bring Them Home." Hosted by artists Drei Ros & Robert "RobYoung" Walker and directed by Rike Boomgaarden and Tamara Jay, the documentary follows the stories of deported veterans Hector Barajas, Daniel Torres & Kevin Martinez. Hearing first hand stories, the mini doc gets to the core of how American veterans come to be deported after serving their country with pride.

Also featured is American politician, immigration attorney, and retired Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army Reserve Margaret Stock, Veteran of the United States Marine Corps therapist Vanessa Hughes, and Veteran Chaplain Nate Graeser.

Filmed by David Asambadze, Richard Stan and Tian Lui for Tigertail productions. Edited by David Asambadze, Rike Boomgaarden and Robert "RobYoung" Walker for Dream Roots Creative.

The "Bring Them Home" documentary will be in support of the "Bring Them Home" Campaign in partnership with Deported Veteran Support House, ACLU, & AFLCIO Veterans Council and many more.

Learn more about the documentary and hear snippets of the stories at


Shop at to support the Deported Veterans Support House and the EMA "Thou Shall Not Deport Veterans" campaign.


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