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"Excuse My Accent" Drei Ros x RobYoung x Sharlene -The film that started the movement.

Cover art from Excuse My Accent Drei Ros x Robert "RobYoung" Walker x Sharlene
Cover art from Excuse My Accent Drei Ros x RobYoung x Sharlene

It began with two musicians who met from a mutual love for writing and performing music. Excuse My Accent was born from a conversation between the two. Drei Ros being a Romanian, he was worried about how his accent was perceived. Robert "RobYoung" Walker felt his accent is not only what made him unique but is what created a connection to those who feel the same.

Quickly they realized the magnitude of the concept. What was a rally cry to highlight and express the distraught state of the country, became a movement. A song that embodied the spirit of the immigration experience and spoke of the racial divide in America.

“Excuse My Accent” is a hard driving rally cry for human rights and shines a spotlight on the immigrant experience in America. Performed by Romanian/American artist Drei Ros, Sharlene from Dominican Republic & American artist RobYoung, the song delivers a message of truth, struggle, and hope. The song is produced by Sergio Rapio of The Donuts and MP808 (808 Mafia) with creative assistance by Kief Brown (grammy nominated songwriter).

Behind the scenes of Excuse My Accent short film
Behind the scenes of Excuse My Accent short film

Following the song production, Richard Stan (international award winning music video director & producer) brought the “Excuse My Accent" song to life by directing, shooting and editing the music video. With over 60 actors, International award winning producer Tian Liu (Tigertail Production) coordinated the heart pulling production.

Mixing thought-provoking lyrics, a catchy hook , and hard banging lows, “Excuse My Accent” has the right blend to become a generational anthem for the next cultural wave.

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