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Last Black Man In San Francisco Gunna Goes Global Actor & Artist Talk Black Lives In Tech

Hosted by Robert "RobYoung" Walker

In this episode of Story Sessions, Robert "RobYoung" Walker sits down with hip hop artist, activist and actor in critically acclaimed film "Last Black Man in San Francisco" Gunna Goes Global. The topics range from the lack of urban outreach from tech companies from Google, Facebook, and more in the Bay Area and abroad, proximity segregation and the need for black lives to be represented.

Gunna Goes Global is a part of the 4HD 6 Points movement in the Bay Area including fellow actors in the "Last Black Man in San Francisco," Jamal Trulove, StunnaMan02, and activist Dayanara Thompson. During the revolution the 4HD 6 Points group was responsible for shutting down the Bay Bridge in protest.

This was filmed during the pandemic.

Watch full interview below.

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