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THE LIST by Excuse My Accent

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Head of Editorial Anisha Srivastava's top picks to up your knowledge on mass incarceration.

Documentary: 13th

This documentary provides a clear breakdown of the key policies and history leading to mass incarceration in America. It’s an excellent starting place to build a foundational understanding of the issue. You can find this powerful work on NETFLIX.

Article: Mass Incarceration: An Animated Series

This article shares stories of previously incarcerated people. The stories highlight the injustices of America’s criminal justice system. The focus on people humanizes the issues and more impactful for some.

Podcast: NPR Throughline: Mass Incarceration

This podcast begins discussing the “creation of the modern penitentiary in America” in the 1800s and then moves up to the present day. It also provides a physical look into prisons and the overall history behind the building of prisons.

Instagram to follow: Everyday Incarceration

This Instagram features short profiles on incarcerated individuals and formerly incarcerated individuals. It also shares some ways to support these individuals. Print by Sharita Towne (@trapodelsh3biye)

Instagram: @everdayincarceration

Music: Police State by Dead Prez

This song is a powerful anthem speaking to the struggle of Black men and the Black community at-large. Hearing an artistic portrayal of this struggle adds intensity to learning about mass incarceration and its devastating impact. Known for gut-wrenching and straight to the point lyrics, Dead Prez created a timeless classic with this song.

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